When someone close to us dies, the immediate tears which escape from our eyes are fake tears. Those tears only symbolize our fears and our guesses of the future pain. Those are only the tears of apprehension.

The real tears come later and they may keep coming at different times throughout our lives; while drinking a cup of hot chocolate, at a notion uttered by a stranger, at witnessing the sweetness of other people’s relationship similar to the one you had with your dead one, mostly at night when sleep is reluctant to engulf you or at any other random and most ordinary time of your life.

The nostalgia, the thoughts, the tears and the feelings make those ordinary moments, extraordinary.


The initial rounds of those tears are mostly painful and saddening, but later they become a part of our lives and are even welcomed by us since we never really forget a person who we have truly loved.

The sense of loss always comes later, the initial reaction is only the fear of loss and being humans, we have a knack for living our misery much earlier and much later than its actual arrival.



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