I have studied a particular field of science throughout my life. Most of the time, I used to be right about things. When I reached the masters level, I was near perfect in that subject.
I changed my field. I was then wrong about most of the things. Almost all of my fellows knew more about it than me. I had a hard time; a very hard time indeed.
 Believe me, I have learnt more in being wrong than I did in being right!
This, I dedicate to all the imperfect people in this world. Let me tell you once and for all that you are what the world makes beautiful. A little non-sense, a little misery, a little bad, a little carelessness, a little obstinacy and a little bit too much love for our passions is what we all need. All those people who will ever negate you, humiliate you and try to change you are but unimportant! Your imperfections are your traits. Perfection is undesirable. Let me tell you that you will find people who will like you and may even fall in love with you because of your imperfections. For the starters, I am one of them 


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