Rabba Sacheya

Dunce, dunes & dukes

.. probably another harsher piece of poetry by ‘Faiz’, and readers may find the last part an in-appropriate one, just as i am feeling. But somehow, it can be taken as a ‘shikwa’ that is put forward by a deprived human-being to his Lord.

.. and Urdu readers might find it difficult to read/understand (just as i found it difficult to understand ). Its the first Punjabi nazm that I am posting. Please read ..

Rabba sacheya

Rabba sacheya

Rabba sacheya tooN te aakhya si
jaa oye bandya jag da shah hein tooN
saaDyaaN naymtaaN tayriaaN daultaaN nein,
saaDa naib te aalijaah hein tooN,
ays laaray te Tor kad puchhya ee
keeh ays numaane te beetiyaaN nein
kadi saarvi laee O Rabb-saaiyaaN
tayray shah naal jag keeh keetiyaaN nein

kitay dhoNs police sarkaar di aye
kitay dhaandli maal patwaar di aye
aenooN haDDaaN ch kalpay jaan mayri
jeevan phaahi ch kooNj kurlaundi…

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