Let me retell you a tale,

told in a breathtaking way,
the ups and downs made you pale.

The story of unrequited love,
between a gypsy’s son
And a pretty dove.

Cathy had a feeling,
strong as it might be

that heathcliff’s and her soul

were similarly enclothed

she did not care a dime

that society thought him a ghoul.

The story says she went

With the society’s bent

A gentleman she married,

But her desire,

was not buried.

She may be highly convinced

That she belonged to the gypsy

Or she did not get in her marriage

What she had expected

Whatever her reason was

It was all in her head.

In the traditional narration,

The lover went to extremes


let me tell you a practical scenario

she took a step against the norm

and married that lowly born.

The passion that kept him alight

Was extinguished with the sight

Of achievement

And what followed

was bereavement.

He could not practice his villainy

In the guise of wretched Romeo

But nature never denies

If there is felony offered

So he did openly with her

That in the story

He did with everyone else.

In the eyes of a man,

The value a woman

is only for a span

until she is unreachable

Forbidden love is forbidden

that is unteachable

There is an honest man

He was never mild

We call him Oscar wilde

He said through his character

What no man let slide

When asked

For how long a man

Can love a poor woman

Who does not love him

Wildean Mr. Cecil replied

all my life.

This is what it is

And always will be

From Eve and Adam

To Abel and Kane

Love of prohibited madam.

The reason is simple

Example of sacrificial love

Is ample

For men it is easy to die for love

Then to live for it.

Heathcliffe was comfortable

Digging grave

Torturing maids

To be with someone,

You need to be brave

Women don’t require

Empty words


Bodies shared

But as the charm

Wears off

Teeth bared

Cruelty and foul play


Promised by males,
A happily ever after

Is the lamest of fairy tales.

The hypocricy of men

Is witnessed in every pen

No one wants to see

Women’s bitterness

Her side of the story

Is always little less

She has the right to be flawed

To be less than perfect

She needs help

But when the time arises

She can also help

You need not be a whelp

Blame not on her

All your wrongs.

All your sins

are not her songs

She is a wave of a sea

Freedom’s emittance

Please do not try to make her

Water of your remittance

You are not from mars

She is not from venus

Earth is your home

If you can’t understand her don’t try

Just live with what differs

You both are alternate givers

In the peace and balance

Minus which life will be dimmer.

The difference is the beauty

Do not try to capture

For whenever it is caged

It is her departure.

What hurts your ego so much?

Why is it so difficult to accept?

What you cannot change

Live and let her live

The need this world needs

Let her voice give.

For whenever something is repressed

Beyond a certain pressure

The result is people depressed.

Beware the rebellion

For every action

Has an equal and opposite reaction.


One thought on “The truth of true love

  1. The structure of this work is impressive, and the message/moral is very important & relevant for sure .. however, there was a feeling that the length of this work is somewhat long. By controlling its length, this work & its message could have been more interesting & effective.

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