The noise of the sea,

Could not reach them.

They only heard,

The crashes made,

at the beach.


He kept on walking

With rapture.

Leaving behind

small traces,

For a man of great stature.


She followed him.

Careful to fit,

Her big feet,

Into the marks he left.


Oblivious of the tumultuous waves,

They walked on paths,

That life paves.


But then he turned,

saw her,

and smiled.

“Dont follow me like that”

He told her,

She obliged.


He kept on walking,

But now backwards.

She kept on filling,

his footsteps.

This made new images on the sand,

Resembling not their separate feet.

But something in between.


She knew what he had meant.

He did not want her lost,

In between his footsteps

On the sands of time.




Scene shifted.


The two of them

Still walk on shore

But their footsteps

Are not followed.

Only the ruthless

Tides now meet

The small imprints,

And the large feet.

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