The Standing Waters



We are all entrapped

In the unpredictable prisons

Of our insecurities and wishes.

She walks a different walk

in foreign tongues she talks

Every single day,

She is a different shade of grey

They hate her for the reasons

Of her unstable treasons.

But that’s just her.

They have their issues too.

I saw a man happy once

Next moment he was found

Shouting in a pitch unbound.

Then there are others

Much much worse.

All smiles,

Sweet words

in piles.

And a bitter taste,

In my mouth is raised.

I saw them all,


With a ball of ideas,

They played.

In a field of thorns, flowers aside.

Their goal was to commit suicide.

You ask of me?

But I am just fine

Far above the imaginary line

Of wrong and right.

I have seen it all,

Felt it all.

And I no have height,

From which to fall.

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