What Color Are You?

Tranquil Tidings


I was black

The darkest shade

Or so I thought

For one day I saw

an image flowing

In the dark river

The form and shape

Was indeed mine

But very very white

My eyes hurt

It was all too fine

So from then on

I was to be fair

I roamed around

Completely bare

I was light

Things passed through me

I remained unaffected

Or so i fancied

For one day I found

A number of things

Stuck inside

my beautiful wings;

“Controlled urges,

Pathetic emotions,

Impossible desires”

My anger surges.

I was neither black

Nor pearly white.

Perhaps grey?

I though with hope.

“At least one color

I would be

Even if its

a mixture of two”

Everyone I knew

Was Afterall

Some varying shade of grey.

I chance a look

Grey grey grey

I pray

What is this I see?

Not black, not white

Nor any shade…

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