An Interview with a so-called Intellectual.

One day I decided to interview an intellectual. Although he was just a person who knew how to play with words. He would say and write things that a little person from the road, covered in soot would casually say to his equally soot-covered friend on daily, rather nightly basis but whereas the child used slang language of purity, our intellectual had a treasure of fancy words covered in the dirt of pretence.Naturally, he was extremely popular with the masses.

Anyhow I needed fancy words so I went to the lavish cottage instead of the garrage where the soot kids lived.

Here is my conversation with I for Idiot (read intellectual)

Q. Does it matter whether you come through a staircase or just show up, all of a sudden in the middle of the room-out of nowhere?

Idiot: Honestly, I don’t know.

I for yours truly: Well, you’re an intellectual right?

Idiot: The word says so.

( I had said that in a sarcastic tone but apparently the idiot was not too bright. Either that or he was too full of himself)

I said, “I know what the world says but what do YOU say?”

Idiot: More people are interested in knowing that, even though they’re not really interested in the answer.

I was confused so I asked him what did that mean.

Idiot: Well that is what makes me an intellectual.

But when I continued to look dumb (dumber than usual, I mean), he elaborated with a shrug, “My capacity to make people wonder what did I say, earns me the title of an intellectual.”

I said, “What you’re trying to say is that if a person says things that people fail to understand they start calling him an intellectual?”

He replied, “Essentially yes! That is if they like him.”

“What if they don’t?”, I asked.

“Then there are other terms like heretics, lunatics, blasphemous etc”, said he.

“That makes sense!”, I exclaimed.

“I shouldn’t have talked that much. Now I am just an ordinary person since you have started understanding me. In my defense, shopping at Scottsdale”, he said.

“What?”, I said involuntarily.

“I am back in business”, a moronic smile touched his dark lips.

I decided to wake up.



A Pledge

I pledge to stop seeking the right in the wrong.

I will no longer wait for a rose to bloom on a cactus.

There is no beauty in the beasts.

There is no hidden humanity in the hearts of hunters.

Lesson learnt!

No more curiosity for what the darkness is made of. I give up on the idea that the ugly worms will turn into breathtakingly beautiful butterflies! They might for the world but I have not seen that world. On my side of the world, the worms stay ugly and die before transforming.

I will believe in the colors when I see them but I will never waste my time staring at the darkest shade of black and imagining that one day a rainbow will burst out from it.

The dirt is dirty and there is no point in looking for purity in it.

There is no more room in my world for fantasizing and romantacizing the self-inflicted useless pain.

There is no charm in ugliness.

I pledge to kill the contrast by righting the final wrong; looking for the other side of the fence in hopes that it is greener but which is always like my side.