One day I decided to interview an intellectual. Although he was just a person who knew how to play with words. He would say and write things that a little person from the road, covered in soot would casually say to his equally soot-covered friend on daily, rather nightly basis but whereas the child used slang language of purity, our intellectual had a treasure of fancy words covered in the dirt of pretence.Naturally, he was extremely popular with the masses.

Anyhow I needed fancy words so I went to the lavish cottage instead of the garrage where the soot kids lived.

Here is my conversation with I for Idiot (read intellectual)

Q. Does it matter whether you come through a staircase or just show up, all of a sudden in the middle of the room-out of nowhere?

Idiot: Honestly, I don’t know.

I for yours truly: Well, you’re an intellectual right?

Idiot: The word says so.

( I had said that in a sarcastic tone but apparently the idiot was not too bright. Either that or he was too full of himself)

I said, “I know what the world says but what do YOU say?”

Idiot: More people are interested in knowing that, even though they’re not really interested in the answer.

I was confused so I asked him what did that mean.

Idiot: Well that is what makes me an intellectual.

But when I continued to look dumb (dumber than usual, I mean), he elaborated with a shrug, “My capacity to make people wonder what did I say, earns me the title of an intellectual.”

I said, “What you’re trying to say is that if a person says things that people fail to understand they start calling him an intellectual?”

He replied, “Essentially yes! That is if they like him.”

“What if they don’t?”, I asked.

“Then there are other terms like heretics, lunatics, blasphemous etc”, said he.

“That makes sense!”, I exclaimed.

“I shouldn’t have talked that much. Now I am just an ordinary person since you have started understanding me. In my defense, shopping at Scottsdale”, he said.

“What?”, I said involuntarily.

“I am back in business”, a moronic smile touched his dark lips.

I decided to wake up.



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