Silent Witnesses—Despicable Beings

Kindness.... Humanity..... Sympathy.... Empathy Words are losing their value and meaning because people are murdered without reason. We are laughing while at the exact moment some mother is losing her child. Desentisized inhumane humans---this is who we really are. I will still care for my own petty agendas and desires. I will still not put…

The Veterans of War

She was standing in front of a mirror. It was 14 inches long, extremely old, stained mirror, that had lost luster. There was a time when she wanted to replace the old thing but she did not care anymore. The stool that used to be in front of the mirror was long since broken and…

Flicker all you want but do not Die

Blazing feelings for one second, and an abyss darker than a black hole engulfs me the next moment, the bulb thought as he tried his best to shine brightly. "Flickering", he could remember his school principal telling him, "is a stage that every bulb and light must go through." "You either end up shining brightly…

Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park is Actually Science Disguised as Dinosaur Fiction and Oh. So. Good!

Don’t we all love the wonderful world of Jurassic Park ? Read on to find out how the book is different from the movie.

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So. Much. Fun.

Saying that about a book where more than half the characters get eaten by prehistoric predators brought back to life through genetic engineering might seem weird. But then, I have never kept my love for dinosaurs a secret!

When I first received the book from Online Books Outlet, I wasn’t expecting much from it. However, a cursory glance later, I had spotted graphs in it. They intrigued the scientist in me and I knew that I wouldn’t be waiting too long to read it.

Wanting to know if the book had inspired the movie or if it was the other way round, I looked up the date of publication of the book to compare it with the movie release and found out they were both released in the same year. While searching, I came across 20 Things You Might Have Not Known About Jurassic Park on…

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