Flicker all you want but do not Die

bulbBlazing feelings for one second and an abyss darker than a black hole engulfs me the next moment, the bulb thought to try his best to shine brightly. “Flickering”, he could remember his school principal telling him, “is a stage that every bulb and light must go through.” “You either end shining brightly or going off for the rest of your light years”, Madam Electricity had lectured, “However, the outcome is not important. It is more about experiencing the flickering-the journey between hope and fear.” Until now, he had managed to gain back his energy every single time, the flickering state had come upon him, but he knew it was not for long because there was no Cynthia to encourage him anymore. The Dad had just removed her yesterday when she failed to shine. He had not listened to the other bulb shouting through his shining lights to leave Cynthia alone. Yesterday night was depressing. The Dad was now installing a new bulb in her place. “I should stop trying too”, he thought, and the room was engulfed in darkness. “Now I need to buy another damn bulb”, cursed the Dad.


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