Guest-Blogger Icky Loves the Heck Outta the First Book in the Thursday Next Series by Jasper Fforde

If you are looking to read something literary and weird, this book is sure to fulfil your needs. Read this review of Jasper Fforde’s The Eyre Affair and decide for yourself. Happy Reading!

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As Icky will tell you later, I browbeat and bullied her into reading this book because I knew how perfect it’d be for her. And what do you know? I was right! Without further ado…



Quite similar to the phenomenon of writer’s block, there is a thing called reader’s block. The symptoms include not being able to read anything despite a burning desire to do so. Anyway, that was what I was suffering from when like a great friend Midu—my office buddy, an awesome writer, and one of the few cool persons I have in my life right now, suggested (made me read it by force) me a book— The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. Since I had no choice, I started reading it.


What I Found

First thing first, I love classics and guess who else share my passion for them? Thursday Next—the protagonist. What started on the…

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  They had warned me about it. So, I was not expecting much. When I made the decision, their warnings, I remembered. "Love is overrated", someone had said. "It will be hard work", another had warned. "Enter without expectations", a once-a-romantic friend advised. and then the others joined. It was same thing twice and thrice.…

Dream! What Dream?

His father had forced him to become an engineer. At least that was how he liked to tell the tale. That earned him different responses from people. Most of them were sympathetic---outwardly! Otherwise, they were only hiding different judgements behind, "Aw, I am sorry. It must be hard to live somebody else's dream." The real…

Weirding It Out with Weird Enough: Dune Re-Read Update #1

Want to revisit the epic world of Dune? or perhaps you want to be introduced to some great sci-fi stuff? Either way, check this amazing blog and you won’t be disappointed!!!

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I started re-reading Dune with a friend of mine, Weird Enough, who is reading it for the first time. Thinking that I would compare what I thought of it before with how I feel about the book now was no good. I have completely forgotten the story! In a way, that is a good thing since I am unable to re-read books, if I remember the story too well.

One thought hit me as I started reading Dune — there is a confidence and certainty in the way Herbert writes. It lends the story and the universe that it is set in more credibility. As I read, I didn’t doubt whether such a place could exist. I knew it did!

Since we divided the book into several parts, this is an update about the parts that we have covered until now. The easiest way to point out which parts we…

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