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I think, therefore I am—Week 3, WRINGO-2017


Hello again,
The week is about to end, and our philosophical ramblings have ended too. Yep! you have guessed right! This week’s genre was philosophy!!!

Big word, right?

That was what we thought when the dice rolled and forced us all to exercise our neurons a bit. Without further ado, I would like to present the literary accomplishments of this week.

Story 1: Seeing the Stone through the Eyes of Sisyphus

This writer certainly decided to go all absurd on us with this narrative. This is an attempt to tell the story from Sisyphus’ perspective, building on, refuting some, and accepting other ideas of the handsome Mr Camus (fan girling). Must we assume Sisyphus happy? Read on and decide for yourself!

Story 2: From Afar Watching Closely

Would you rather spend your life as a blind believer or would you like to question everything (sometimes just for the sake of it)? Choose your approach because someone is watching you closely, even from afar!

Story 3: The Failed Pursuit

What happens when two different stories with same philosophies intertwine? A tragic end or a happy beginning? Read on to find out!!!

Story 4: In The Midst Of The Forest…

Accept… reject.. accept… and the cycle goes on. A deep tale of finding one’s identity right in the midst of a forest of depression.

Story 5: A Lesson via Wraith

So you think it is gone? That hooligan… monster… your fear… your reality! It never leaves, you know? The only way out is to let it get inside you!

Yes, that is some amazing 5 stories!!!! You think we are done? We thought so too! But no!!! There was a 6th story, which was a pleasant surprise because we had no idea who the writer was. One thing was clear, though—it was none of the original 5!

The 6th Mysterious Writer:

I am obliged to give you a short background here. While there are 5 writers and one secret keeper, we also have 3 amazing readers.

The hierarchy of Wringo

So as the theory goes,

“There is a writer in every reader”

we found a gem of an author among our readers! The 6th story was from the readers’ lot and it was AH-MAZING!!!

Read and enjoy this philosophical story of faith, spirituality, and sin!

For now, I will leave you with these beautifully crafted philosophical tales (since I need to brainstorm for the next week’s challenge—yes the dice has been rolled!).

See you next week with some more breathtaking stories!
Till then, happy reading =D

For the love of Psychosis-AN EXCITING UPDATE!

Hello again!

You must be thinking that why am I here when the week has not yet ended, right? Even I am surprised but I have an update to share with all you lovely people.

So as all of you would know (hopefully, if you have read my previous posts) that 5 writers are playing Wringo (writing Bingo). Therefore, it was natural for us to expect 5 stories for this week and so I had summarised them for you. However, as it turned out, we were in for a surprise!!!

First came story #6: Rage II. We realised it was a sequel for the story#5: Rage. We were still finding this new turn of events hard to fathom when arrived another installment. Story #7: The Last Payer was another take on the events occurring in the original story, “Rage.” the writer had called it an ‘equal’ as opposed to a sequel or a prequel.

We were still too much surprised when the 8th story came in too! By the way, this one had nothing to do with the rage series but was extremely dark (if that is your favorite genre, do give it a read).

Anyways, so our secret keeper declined to reveal the mystery. It was only yesterday we discovered that some writer had submitted more than one stories (interesting!!!). Mystery solved!!!

However, another question arose: how many entries should be allowed per writer ???

Now while we don’t mind multiple entries and actually believe in the more the merrier concept when it comes to writing, we also had to ensure that justice prevails. Therefore, a new rule was needed which came in the following form:

“Each writer is allowed to submit 2 stories but it is not a prerequisite. If a writer wishes to stick to one tale in a genre, they are free to do so.”

So guys enjoy these three new stories from the psychological genre and share your views. We need constructive criticism since we are a community of aspiring writers looking for ways to improve our writing.

Also from now on expect as much as 10 stories per genre i.e. if the writers chose to remain creatively active (you can never be sure with these lunatics).  In any case, 5 stories are a promise we will definitely be keeping!!!

Cheerio! See you guys next week.


For the love of Psychosis-Week 2-WRINGO 2017

Hello lovely people!

In my last blog post I had revealed that we (some geniuses from my office and yours truly) have started this truly amazing writing challenge/trend. While, last time I had shared my work only, today I will be covering all the stories from this week’s series.

So far, there are 5 stories on this week’s genre; psychological fiction. The best thing about this initiative is we get to see different people’s take on the same  genre. The writers’ minds have ventured into different realms with one person diving deep into the mechanism of phobias while others have tackled the subject with a completely different approach.

Discussed below are the 5 amazing stories:

Psychological Genre Story #1: Ighnees

From phobias to sleep paralysis, this one has covered everything psychological in a way that is sure to boggle your mind. read it to form your own views since this one is sure VERY open to different interpretation!

Psychological Genre Story # 2: A Masterpiece

This a psychological thriller where a complex web of a diseased mind’s thoughts has been spun for the reader. Read it to find out if you can undo the web and entangle the simple truth out of it.

Psychological Genre Story # 3: Hades, From The Other Side

What is the next thing to do when you realise that there is no difference between existence and non-existence? Read this introspective account that makes the death look fascinating enough to make you die!

Psychological Genre Story # 4: All Aware

Have you ever had a session with a fortune teller? Read this fictional experience which is closer to reality than reality itself!

Psychological Genre Story # 5: Rage

This one is about when fear turns into so much rage that you start making people laugh.

Share your views with us for writers feed off and grow with constructive criticism. Looking forward to hear from our readers. DO not forget to follow us at Logico Wringo Medium. For further information on how it all happened, read out story here.

Happy Reading!



The Confessions of a Celestial Being

This story is written as part of a writing challenge–WRINGO (writing BINGO), which is proposed and played by my office friends. There is a grid with different genres for each grid. Every week, we are assigned a genre that is decided by a dice-roll. I will be  sharing my stories here. 

Genre for this week is Romance. 

I loved her–the Earth, I mean.

One fine moment in space, I told her so!

Now you may think that it was a very hasty decision on my part but that is not the truth. I had observed her for several centuries before deciding that she was indeed the one. It was a very calculated decision and not an emotional one at all for she had life (something that is rather extinct up here). Emotions got involved, but later–when she rejected me.

Somehow, it had made me want her even more. Perhaps, it had always been the reason. For you see, I was very attractive, I still am, actually. Nobody up here in the Universe had ever been able to ‘resist’ my charms.

Earth, on the other hand, had never been bothered by my worldly or perhaps otherworldly beauty. It seemed as if she was made from some other matter, which rendered her immune to my gigantic force of attraction. God knows, she was different. (This is where I sigh and fail to stop thinking about her).

Anyways, so without wasting any time in sending her the positive radiations to be caught and responded by her love RADAR, I decided to sneak right up on her, as per my custom. She refused to even face me. I still remember every single detail of that agonising encounter.

“Let me engulf you with all your splendour, Madame”, I had said in the loftiest tone I could manage amidst all the noise and chaos the particles (foreign, indigenous, and hybrids) of my body were making. They were jiggling up and down, cheering me, ready to welcome another member to the family. I felt confident despite the disorientation in my shape and size.

But, something unexpected happened. Mother Earth responded to my sincerest confession in the most unbelievable manner, that isshe DIDN’T. The most attractive entity in the Universe made her a proposal and she didn’t even pretend to acknowledge. Now let me make something clear to you all here. I am not an ordinary phenomenon. Thousands of maiden galaxies would have sacrificed their carefully crafted sensual symmetries for me but Ms. Earth was an arrogant bitch!

So it all happened and then came the emotions—anger at being rejected, hope that she was playing the ‘hard to get’ game, and finally a doomed feeling of emptiness. The cycle kept going on and I learned that only the first confession is hard to make. Later, you just start enjoying the derogatory behaviour of your beloved. Happened with me too and I started to look for reasons to ‘trigger’ her. I would not let go a single chance to shake her to her core. Yes, I can do that, I have mysterious powers. Interestingly enough, her inhabitants-lovers (what a whore, right?), haters (you can’t possibly have any fun without those), and children (illegitimate *shudders*) trembled at my every touch. What is even funnier is that they thought I was God. Just mess a bit with them, and these earthlings would readily start worshipping you. Now I am not God, not even close but who could possibly deny that degree of attention? God, perhaps!

This game was fascinating enough to keep me going. I almost stopped worshipping her but then one day she just decided to walk up to me. I thought that my opportunity has just arrived and I was all set to ‘grab’ it when she opened that mouth of hers, which turned out to be bigger than her other assets.

“I don’t even like you, hole.” Her hateful tone was forceful enough to destroy the whole Universe.

I, however, engulfed it, thanks to my very accepting nature and said, “Why do I repel you so when I have the most appealing existence in the whole cosmos?” “Also”, I added hastily, “I am well-connected.”

She ignored my last remark. “My people”, she began pointing towards her chest. Two gigantic mountains distracted me and I could no more concentrate on what she was saying. She sensed my perverseness and shuffled to cover her generous heap with some greenery and cleared her throat. “The thing is you are dark and my have enough of that already. With you by my side, the future will be darker.”

Source: Safely Endangered Comics

She allowed that to sink in before continuing, “By the way, I am dating Moon for now and I occasionally flirt with the stars as well but you know who my real target is, right?”

“You will burn”, I tried to say but couldn’t. After all, who would have listened to a BLACK HOLE?

The End

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