Hello again!

You must be thinking that why am I here when the week has not yet ended, right? Even I am surprised but I have an update to share with all you lovely people.

So as all of you would know (hopefully, if you have read my previous posts) that 5 writers are playing Wringo (writing Bingo). Therefore, it was natural for us to expect 5 stories for this week and so I had summarised them for you. However, as it turned out, we were in for a surprise!!!

First came story #6: Rage II. We realised it was a sequel for the story#5: Rage. We were still finding this new turn of events hard to fathom when arrived another installment. Story #7: The Last Payer was another take on the events occurring in the original story, “Rage.” the writer had called it an ‘equal’ as opposed to a sequel or a prequel.

We were still too much surprised when the 8th story came in too! By the way, this one had nothing to do with the rage series but was extremely dark (if that is your favorite genre, do give it a read).

Anyways, so our secret keeper declined to reveal the mystery. It was only yesterday we discovered that some writer had submitted more than one stories (interesting!!!). Mystery solved!!!

However, another question arose: how many entries should be allowed per writer ???

Now while we don’t mind multiple entries and actually believe in the more the merrier concept when it comes to writing, we also had to ensure that justice prevails. Therefore, a new rule was needed which came in the following form:

“Each writer is allowed to submit 2 stories but it is not a prerequisite. If a writer wishes to stick to one tale in a genre, they are free to do so.”

So guys enjoy these three new stories from the psychological genre and share your views. We need constructive criticism since we are a community of aspiring writers looking for ways to improve our writing.

Also from now on expect as much as 10 stories per genre i.e. if the writers chose to remain creatively active (you can never be sure with these lunatics).  In any case, 5 stories are a promise we will definitely be keeping!!!

Cheerio! See you guys next week.



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