An Emergency Situation

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Fight or flight,
Are the two options,
Nature’s MCQs supply. 
But I see two more;
All of the above.
None of the above.
My pencil hovers,
On the latter two.

For I don’t want to fight
But flying away won’t work, right?
Thus I stay,
Dangling between the two.

I pumped myself to fight,
“Fly, fly!”, the inner me cried.
So I was ready to take off,
Far away from the sight of war.
“Come here, you coward”
I heard myself shout.

Now I stand
With one hand
evolved Into a spear.
On the other hand, gathers,
Uncountable feathers.

Some days I fight as well as fly,
Some days, however I just sit and cry.


Falling Away


Fall, the official season of goodbyes
Has arrived.
So let go of your emotions,
Like smoke goes up in the skies.
High and high!

We have had our jokes,
Lets laugh no more.
We have shared our pains,
There is nothing more to gain.
Boon or bane?
Lets forget each other
Once again.

Forget me, as if I never was,
As if my laughter,
Had never made you pause.
Forgive my intrusion,
In your monotonous routine,
Carry on!
No ripples had there been.
Quiet and silent
Like this fall
Losing every leaf afterall.

Open the book,
Or close it.
No worries!
Every page is empty.

You are losing a reader,
For I am going away,
On an adventure
That’s a folklore.
But the story will continue for you.
I may not hear it anymore.

And life goes on,
Even after it ends.
Remember my friend,
Legends never end.