On Imagining Sisyphus Happy =D

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Too brave to die;

Too coward to be alive,

I am Sisyphus, with my stone.

Can’t despair; can’t hope.

Not knowing, not aware,

Still conscious of the flavors

I devour.

One thing I tell you; Once and for all.

My decisions- all two of them,

Do not concern me

or my soul.

Sisyphus (the stone feller as I am called down here in the underworld) is at your service. I know you know me. I am often discussed among the intellectuals. This reminds me of an existential joke I had heard somewhere:

What does one drunken philosopher say to another?

Am I, who I am?


Who am I? If I am!

That was not really a joke and by the expressions on your face, I can tell my ramblings are not having any impact on you. I promise that these were so eloquent in my head, this morning when…

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Guardian Angel

Forget about happy endings. Happiness shouldn't end. Create a mosaic of moments, Sad, happy, happy, sad. Lend me some of those, The thoughts you push back Every time a fresh one arrives. Your discarded ideas fall through a wrinkle. Right into my lap. Let me be the catcher of the dreams, You had never dreamt.…