Iqra Aslam

Bio: I want to do only two things in my life; 1, read stories 2, write stories and I think that this lifetime is not enough to do any of these two tasks completely. I was alone and confined. In a way I still am confined. The sad thing is that nobody has confined me, but I have put myself into this misery. Before, my confinement was for the sake of protection, but now that I have deserted my protectors, all I have is myself to depend on. I have somehow done the worst thing that a person can do; I have confined myself from within. I was supposed to grow as a person, but I have taken steps back inside myself. I am more in me than I am outside. I am condemned to a lifelong self imprisonment. I was never insane, Except on occasions, When my heart was touched! ~Edgar Allan Poe.

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