In Context

“A woman of exceptional beauty in a room full of prospective grooms, interested not in even one of them only falls short in terms of suspicion to a handsome bachelor, with a large income and handsome disposition yet who was not pursued by a string of women”


My Entangled Thoughts

I can’t speak for other people because their minds are not on the list of places I had checked into but my own thoughts, I have visited often. Thus, I know the questions that arrive in this desolate place I call my brain. They used to be simpler and consulting a parent, a friend or…

Guardian Angel

Forget about happy endings. Happiness shouldn't end. Create a mosaic of moments, Sad, happy, happy, sad. Lend me some of those, The thoughts you push back Every time a fresh one arrives. Your discarded ideas fall through a wrinkle. Right into my lap. Let me be the catcher of the dreams, You had never dreamt.…