The Final Conquest

Perched on my favorite rocking chair in the wooden porch of my small house, I was swaying back and forth. A backward stroke of the chair, and dark shadows engulfed my charcoal skin. The magic of physical laws brought it back to its initial position and sparkling sunshine made my face glisten. Darkness after light……


Why So Serious?

Duzan Domestica, however, had been too long in this line of business to miss why this green-skinned, strange looking girl was there in his clinic. Despite her emotionless face and heavy makeup, her smile lines were more than visible. Fanning out at the corner of her lines were several small wrinkles resembling a cat’s whiskers or a crow’s feet. Then there were the horrible concaves bracketing her thick lips, almost conquering her nasolabial region. Duzan focused hard on her left cheek but was not sure what to make of it. He reflected for a while. Then, “Smile,” he sighed and issued the one command that only he could give without risking his life.

Free will, Shcmee will!

All alone in a bathtub, With no water calming my nerves. Naked, I am lying curled up. Foetal style, ready to return. Pure and intact To my mother's womb. I can see, smiling folks Waiting for me to be born. Kick in the air and cry a lot Even if my lungs get torn. Knowing,…