The Old Guitarist 1903–4 by Pablo Picasso Are we gonna live again,this life of pain?For there is, but a little respite from itAnd we continue to exist in spite of it.How do we persist with this throbbing heart?Instead of dying, we are creating art!The world had taught and I agreedUnrequited love is pain decreedBut wasn't…

TW: Suicide

When I hear about someone committing suicide, I don’t feel the usual sadness anymore. I don’t wonder what led this person to take their own life! Now I think, understandable! and feel slightly envious. It is a very logical solution to a problem we all are facing. It makes sense to end a thing that…

The Change in your Expression

It is your journey, I just want to see you, With no presumptions, just really really you. When you are unaware of being observed You are neither frank nor reserved. On one side, I want to tilt my head And see your cheeks going red As I whisper in your ears, ‘I love you’ in…

The Masochist

The imbalance I feel Is my fate's seal. Holding my head high Before you, I kneel. On the scaffold of sheer honesty, A glance at you I will steal. Yet Our love will die naturally, No ceremony, no last meal. In the salt mine of misfortunes I twist and turn with zeal I stand a…

The Sun was Kind Today

The sun today, shone with delight, I could feel, if not see it smile. Fighting cold air, piercing each crevice, It basked in glory, happy to be of service. As it illuminated the world, comforting a shivering bird. Touching this maiden's cheek, Lighting up another's curls. I saw it reflecting off skyscrapers visiting the land…

Some Days are Just Dark

And it keeps coming back to it This unfathomable darkness inside It keeps surfacing, time and again Nothing is right, we are all insane. Who can be happy ever? Not someone with a brain! Any reality thrown your way Take it but with a salt's grain Why can't we just freeze in a moment And…

Big Deal!

Washing dresses, and cooking some meals. I should be all homely. but I wasn’t. Big deal! I was out somewhere Having the time of my life. Supposedly. but I wasn’t. Big deal! I and this guy started off as friends we remained friends. Until I was not. Big deal! Always there for me. He proposed,…

The Politically Correct Coward

A story I wrote sometime ago…


The dead screen of my old Nokia phone sprang to life as my rather annoying ring tone pierced the silence of the empty auditorium. I ignored it.

Ba Dum TSS

Another beep. My 6-year-old niece had set this tone when she was visiting me with her Mama. I kept the tune because it reminded me of her and made me smile. I am a sentimental fool. I often wonder if my students have any idea how ordinary a person I am. They idolize me for my radical philosophies. Little do they know, I only play a part, since impressing them is my job. The other day, I heard one of the boys comparing me to Iron Man. I have no such delusions. At the most, I am Groot — the little one!

The phone stopped buzzing. Safe to handle, I thought. A few missed calls and two messages from the same number!…

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Toothaches > Heartaches

Psychotic rambling


Tobacco, tomato, timber, and toothache.

Smoke it, hot, don’t burn, in pain.

Please don’t bother for my sake

Because I am pretty insane.

Human, you humane. Heartache!

Didn’t I tell you to refrain?

Nothing to offer, I have, I’m afraid,

Yet my blood, you continue to drain.

When the last few drops fade,

You come and feast on my brain.

My brain, my brain, my brain!

Is empty but frowns in disdain.

Chew your tobacco.

Clone a tomato.

Use the timber, build a canoe.

Sail and drown, deep in blue!

Heartaches, you may sustain

But curing toothaches? In vain!

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