Deathbed Confessions of Unrequited Love

A thousand wounds I bore, All different; similar gore. The pus and blood that oozed, Was the same of every noose. Each cut on my frail body, had a separate source. Yet, it had always been yours, the pain for which I stay woke. The noise from my cracking bones was your voice calling me…


Hidden – In Plain Sight!

I My lips are colorless and parchred, But the drink I need is scarce. And thus I march, In the desert, that is our love! I wait for the Oasis To hit me up. II Oh my towering ignorance! For the Voice I seek Is found in the silence

Guardian Angel

Forget about happy endings. Happiness shouldn't end. Create a mosaic of moments, Sad, happy, happy, sad. Lend me some of those, The thoughts you push back Every time a fresh one arrives. Your discarded ideas fall through a wrinkle. Right into my lap. Let me be the catcher of the dreams, You had never dreamt.…