Once in a lifetime

Lets live life, Moment by moment, Infinitely! Not in hours and days, Neither weeks and months, And never in years, definitely!   Centuries, you ask? Oh but that is the best. There is nothing finer, Than living centuries. But it must be done In a single moment.   Centuries in a moment, Never pass by.…


A Toy

She was standing.  There was a stone beneath her feet. She and the stone were both composed of the same elements but in their own unique combination. A little boy used to play with the stone. He considered it his property.  The girl was played by the society. The society considered her its property. Same…



20160311_044115All your life you’re told to look inside yourself. Well if not directly, then in some indirect way. Like for example, you are told to read books and you do that and end up learning about all the soul-searching. So years after that you somehow decide to do that,the soul-searching I mean.

You simply pause all the lalalalala going on inside your head,the dha dha dha in your heart and whatever thuk thuk thuk happening to your soul and there is silence. Everything is still, stopped, except your eyes! Your whole being gathers together as a pair of eyes and sets to observe your innermost self….your core! These eyes of yours do so, just like your worldly self goes to an art exhibition and examines everything, searching for something extremely interesting, thought provoking, shocking, even sad, in fact anything of substance!

But Alas!

There is not a single thing of…

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On Being Your Own Enemy

Beads of perspiration were visible on her forehead. It was not because of the heat as the room was fully air-conditioned. She was only nervous but then she always was! At least ever since her mother had left her to work at baji's house. She was afraid of making any mistake, particularly today as there…

The Mirror Behind Me

I went to her once again, To be counselled and consoled, I thought she would This time Help me For I had put up A good show I covered the distance of two miles And met her with a smile She looked at me With her cold stare And shrunken were My insides this moment…

A Labyrinth


Beyond Sanity Publishing

‘Why are we standing in the rain?’ her friend asked her a little agitatedly. She had nothing to say to it because she had no idea why they were standing in the rain. It was a beautiful day. The rain had washed the dust off the trees, making the greens and the browns extremely vivid. The sky was in a different mood, changing shades and never settling for one.

She kept walking under the umbrella that her friend was holding for both of them. She was doing so more for the comfort of her friend than for herself. The rain had never bothered her. She liked all the dirt and water. She wanted to be a part of it all, a drop of rain, a leaf of a tree soaked with raindrops, a small part of a cloud pregnant with water, ready to empty itself or a speck of soil…

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The quest

In a single dimension, I once dwelled where everyone was in love with their own poor selves. They adored their flesh and worshiped their blood I was one step ahead of them all, for I longed to be the master of the self to conquer the inner me. I in my quest, Met my poor…