The Vegetable

“Hahahahahhahahhahahhahahhaahhaha” His laughter echoed as the sharp ends of his wits ricocheted back from the hollow walls of the building. Wits were all he had at that moment for his form was reduced to an awkwardly arranged construction of weak bones, confined by means of ropes. However, he didn’t know that, for he couldn’t feel…


Toothaches > Heartaches

  Tobacco, tomato, timber, and toothache. Smoke it, hot, don’t burn, in pain. Please don’t bother for my sake Because I am pretty insane.   Human, you humane. Heartache! Didn’t I tell you to refrain?   Nothing to offer, I have, I'm afraid, Yet my blood, you continue to drain. When the last few drops…

A Perfect Sphere—WringoInk

Zoobia Shahid was among the brightest students in her class. The 14-year-old had only recently learned that world was elliptical. Copernicus and Galileo had faced quite a handful of troubles before the perfectionists finally came to terms with the fact that their beloved earth was not a perfect circle. She didn’t know what kind of sacrifice she would have to make for her parents to appreciate her truly.