Hidden – In Plain Sight!

I My lips are colorless and parchred, But the drink I need is scarce. And thus I march, In the desert, that is our love! I wait for the Oasis To hit me up. II Oh my towering ignorance! For the Voice I seek Is found in the silence


Falling Away

Fall, the official season of goodbyes Has arrived. So let go of your emotions, Like smoke goes up in the skies. High and high! We have had our jokes, Lets laugh no more. We have shared our pains, There is nothing more to gain. Boon or bane? Lets forget each other Once again. Forget me,…

The Secret Passageway

Jahandad Balkhi was wise beyond the few years of his existence in this temporary world. He was blessed with an element of mystique, which his disciples linked with his spiritual history. He belonged to a family of Sufis. If rumours were to be believed, Jahandad was 100 years old in reality, out of which only…